Video Title: Panty Poop

[ 2017 ]

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Panty Poop



A girl visits the doctor about her peeing problem. She is given an enema by a nurse. While waiting for the doctor to return, the enema kicks in and she poops herself. While being cleaned up by the nurse, another nurse watching on pees herself, who is then also cleaned by the nurse.



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  • So I was potty trained like all the other kids... stopped having day accidents by age 6 and stopped wetting the bed at 5. Unfortunately, when I was 13 I suddenly started wetting the bed again. before long it was soaked every single night... the result? for the past year and a half I've been wearing diapers to bed, 2 diapers at sleepovers so they don't leak. However, I diaper myself, no one else has diapered me since I was a baby. I would be totally embarrassed if even my mom would diaper me before bed.