Video Title: Forced In Diapers

[ 2017 ]

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Forced In Diapers



A lady has been restrained as part of her punishment. She is being punished long enough to have her wet her panty. After she pees herself and wets the floor with her piss, she is put into a diaper, still restrained. She is then allowed to be free, only to be humiliated while wearing her diaper.



A Recent Thought I Posted:
  • Buy adult diapers that do not have a clammy feel on the outside of the diaper when wet. Cheaply made adult diapers do not use premium plastic material and instead go for cost-saving plastic materials that do not contain moisture as well. Have you ever wet a diaper and could feel on the outside of the diaper that moisture feel…hard to describe…but, it is like you can almost feel the wetness through the outside of the diaper. You want to try to avoid diapers like these. Preferably, use diapers that use premium materials when making their adult diapers.