Video Title: Young Woman In Diapers

[ 2016 ]

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Young Woman In Diapers



A cute adult baby girl in a very sexy cloth diaper poses for her daddy, who eventually breaks down and just has to feel her up.



A Recent Thought I Posted:
  • So I was potty trained like all the other kids... stopped having day accidents by age 6 and stopped wetting the bed at 5. Unfortunately, when I was 13 I suddenly started wetting the bed again. before long it was soaked every single night... the result? for the past year and a half I've been wearing diapers to bed, 2 diapers at sleepovers so they don't leak. However, I diaper myself, no one else has diapered me since I was a baby. I would be totally embarrassed if even my mom would diaper me before bed.