Video Title: Diaper Poop

[ 2016 ]

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Diaper Poop



A diaper girl keeps a visual diary of her daily diaper adventures. Today, she watches a video on her computer of a girl giving herself an enema and doing a big shit in her panty. She masturbates in her diaper while watching this girl shitting herself and she cums in her diaper.



A Recent Thought I Posted:
  • Anyways, I know this post is long but its just me trying to articulate things that I think make up a big part of our community and that which makes us so unique. I will say this – neither group is wrong in my opinion for how they act – they balance the community. All that I can suggest to the adult baby and diaper lover community that may help us all is to the rude, unintelligible and mean people…maybe try to be a “tiny” bit more mature in your conversations and think about what you say before you blurt it out. And to those intelligent people out there…maybe just try to tone down the paranoia a bit and enjoy the adult baby and diaper lover community more instead of looking at everyone with a detective eye like someone is out to get you. Overall, everyone just get along