Video Title: Pooping Diaper Girl

[ 2015 ]

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Pooping Diaper Girl



Story starts with two Japanese schoolgirls who have met and become friends at school. They walk home together and we follow one of the girls. She goes home and once in her bedroom gives herself an enema, which makes her poop in her panty. With poopy panties, she cleans and diapers herself.



A Recent Thought I Posted:
  • In reality, every single person has a kink or something strange about them that others will find different that could range from normal to some people to perverse to others. It is all judgment. In the case of adult babies and diapers lovers, the reality is that many people find comfort, pleasure, security, fun, enjoyment, and some sexual gratification along with other emotions and feelings mixed in. This is the reality of the ABDL community. The fact is that there is a businessman working on Wall Street this very moment (probably a bunch of them) that enjoys cross-dressing or finds it gratifying both emotionally and sexually to dress up in leather and beaten with a whip and chains by a woman or man and yet they are the same people judging others because they enjoy wearing diapers or judging others because they enjoying acting young again. This is hypocritical and sad honestly and speaks worlds about the mindsets of people.