Video Title: Adult Baby Mummy

[ 2015 ]

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Adult Baby Mummy



A schoolgirl is in need of discipline and diaper training. Her father takes to an adult baby mummy who offers to help her. She arrives the next day, and after cookies with added calmatives, the girl wakes to find herself strapped to a bed, diapered and dressed like a baby. Days of diaper training and discipline follow.



A Recent Thought I Posted:
  • I just always hated the feeling of the clumps and it also significantly reduced the absorbency as well. Plus, maybe it is just me but when you can actually see the clumping from the front and bottom of the diaper from the outside it looks unattractive to me and sort of ruins that “look” of a nice clean white thick adult diaper. Maybe its just me though. Anyways, just me rambling.