Video Title: Abdl Messy

[ 2012 ]

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Abdl Messy



A girl in diapers is having a hard time sleeping. She eventually gets up to check her diaper, which is very wet, but she is so tired, she tries to go back to sleep with a wet diaper. Some time later she decides to get up and change her diaper so she can have a good sleep.



A Recent Thought I Posted:
  • Add Things To Your Night Out: So when you wear a diaper out and whether you are by yourself or with someone else. Add some new things such as maybe your partner or friend will check your diaper while you are out or you can check yourself. Don’t do anything completely crazy or absurd but minor things that won’t completely creep out the public. A quick diaper check will at most leave a person curious and probably just assume you have some sort medical condition. So, add a few tweaks to your night out to spice things up.