Video Title: Girl Wetting Diapers

[ 2010 ]

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Girl Wetting Diapers



A lady is given a challenge. First she has to pee herself, in front of the camera, through her panty and pantyhose. She kills some time with a puzzle waiting for her bladder to give in. Later she will be diapered and while wearing her diaper, go to a shopping center. She will be doing some public flashing, flashing her diaper, with some close calls, and when she pees her diaper, have it changed in the shopping center car park.



A Recent Thought I Posted:
  • Friend Diaper Spanking One evening my friend jeremy was in my room playing with some of my stuff while i was in the kitchen. When i returned i noticed something odd I said "Jermey what did u do?" and he said nothing so i looked around to find one of my xbox controllers was broken. I said "How did this happen?" and he said he dropped it so i asked if he could pay for it and he said no so we made up another solution. i said "You will need to punished in order for this to be fair since you cant pay to replace it" and he asked what the punishment was. So i told him he was going to be spanked bare bottom 25 times and made to wear my little brothers goodnites the rest off the night. he seemed ok with it until the spanking started. His but was bright red and he was sobbing a little. But after that we got out the goodnite, he didnt seem to want to do it but i forced him to. the goodnite fit him well cause he was a smaller kid. so the rest of the night he sat there in his goodnite and even went in it so we had to change him and the next morrning he said i will never break any of your things again.