Video Title: Diapered Punishment

[ 2009 ]

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Diapered Punishment



A fun day is in the making as our adult baby girl takes off her panties and put on a diaper under her skirt. Her mummy takes her for a drive and onto public transport, with the challenge being how long she can hold on before she spoils her diaper. A long day sees lots of peeing, changing diapers in public toilets, and peeing on the seat of a taxi after all the diapers are finished.



A Recent Thought I Posted:
  • Wearing diapers during exercise is actually quite doable with taking the necessary steps to protecting your skin and minimizing the “bulk” factor of the diaper. That is why I highly suggest the compression pants or shorts to minimize the bulk and make the diaper “thinner” in a sense by compressing it. You will then still be able to gain the protection you need from the diaper while also being able to engage in exercise. Don’t let incontinence or the fact that wearing a diaper discourage you from getting exercise. Just take the necessary precautions and my tips to help you. Just let me know if I left something out or you want to know any additional tips that I may have left out.