Video Title: Adult Baby Breast Feeding

[ 2009 ]

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Adult Baby Breast Feeding



Adult Baby Breastfeed - Big Mommy with her adultbaby girl. Here we see both mom and baby having some real fun as baby girl is so cheeky with her mommy, yet so funny. Her mommy plays and feeds her and she makes it difficult for her. Mommy takes off her disposable diaper and puts on a clean, fresh cloth diaper and proceeds to breast feed her adult baby girl.


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  • Talk to Others: Conversate with others that wear diapers or make some friends. This can not only be good for your social life but also keep things new and refreshing in the diaper “realm”. Obviously, this can prove difficult if you don’t live near anyone that is around your age that you feel comfortable talking with but there is always talking online to people.

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