Video Title: Adultbaby Mistress

[ 2008 ]

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Adultbaby Mistress


A quick clip of a lady and Mistress doing some exploring. The Mistress completely restrains the lady and makes her wear a diaper before gagging her.


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Bianca recently posted:
  • I am off to run some errands today and get some stuff for our new place – still decorating if you know what I mean. We are trying to find a decent looking couch instead of this hideous brown one we have now. Working on a pretty tight budget so hopefully we can find something in our price range and that is not hideous. We really want an L-Shaped couch but the likelihood of finding an L-Shaped couch in a decent color in our price range is not too likely. But, I am off to change my diaper real quick and then I am out the door to start my long day of errands…I hope everyone has a good Friday and is looking forward to the weekend!