Video Title: Girls in Diapers

[ 2007 ]

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Girls in Diapers


Two girls is playing with each other and one who is wearing her diaper and she wants her girlfriend to also wear a diaper while they play together so she undresses her, puts a diaper on her and her baby clothes, and both adult baby diaper girls continue happily playing.


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Anais recently posted:
  • Wearing a diaper in public can truly be a terrifying and stressful situation at first. I know because I was forced to get used to it from a young age. Let me tell you that there are certain tricks that I have learned to tell myself that have really simplified the habituation process of getting use to wearing a diaper in public. Overcoming that fear and stress of the various things you worry about which may range from everything of “I might get caught” to “what if I wet or mess my diaper and someone notices”. These things can all be dealt with as long as you sit back and think about the possible situations, prepare yourself for them and mentally handle yourself appropriately. Here are my keys mentally with wearing a diaper in public: