Video Title: Husband in a Diaper

[ 2006 ]

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Husband in a Diaper


Adult Baby Couple in hardcore diaper action. He enjoys a hand job and a blow job in his diaper. She enjoys having her pussy licked while wearing her diaper, but they both enjoy a good, long session of sex in diapers together.


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Bianca recently posted:
  • Another Ex Of Mine I had her come over we were Kickin it an I tell I'm about to hop in the shower real quick she like ok babe. So I finish up my shower dry off alittle bit wrap the towel around my waist walk to my room to get dressed. I start to go in my drawer to get a pair of boxers where she said" I think you should put one of these on" I turn around and see her holding a diaper in her hand and I'm like she found my stash but she's like" its ok it will be our secret