Video Title: Girl in a Diaper

[ 2006 ]

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Girl in a Diaper


Meet adultbaby girl Samantha, a mature, busty and fit diaper lover. This scene has Samantha in her nursery and wearing her diaper. The action heats up as she slowly get naked, proving that mature women can have killer bodies also. She continues steaming up the nursery by masturbating and inserting her pacifier and baby bottle deep inside her pussy.


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Samantha recently posted:
  • A diaper lover by him/herself is separate from an adult baby. Some diaper lovers are adult babies and some are strictly just diaper lovers (DL’s). A diaper lover merely just likes the act of wearing diapers or participating in diapers while an adult baby enjoys a lot of the “processes” and activities behind acting like a baby outside of diapers. Many diaper lovers usually have some sort of percentage or degree of “adult babyism” in them.