Video Title: Diapered Lady

[ 2005 ]

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Diapered Lady


German diaper girl parades herself in her specially designed nursery, just for her, showing us how sexy she can look in her diaper. She performs a diaper change on herself and cleans her shaved pussy before putting on a new and clean adult diaper.


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Mia recently posted:
  • Diaper lovers in particular are a unique group of individuals in my opinion. There are all sorts of people out there that love other physical objects such as stuffed animals, toys, shoes, feet, etc etc but when it comes to diaper lovers they stand out. The mindset behind a typical diaper lover is not of anything sexual but more of comfort and security. Ask any diaper lover why exactly they love diapers and the first thing the comes to their mind is not sexual but of a feeling they can’t really explain but only use words such as comfort, security, and relaxing to describe their love for diapers. This sets apart the group of diaper lovers from many other groups out there.